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Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine Focused on Energetics of Food

With so many weight loss systems on the market, I thought it would beneficial to talk about 3 of the best on the market today.

Diets Are Good For The Short Term, But Do You Know How To Keep The Weight Off?

"As we enter the 21st century, America has become one of the fattest societies on earth. With so many diets in the market, no one knows how to take off the pounds...and keep them off."
Our goal is to educate you on what foods to eat, proper supplements, and how to exercise for life long results!



With Nutrisystem®, you get a fresh and nutritious food delivered to your door. You go online to order by choosing your food, and picking a plan that is right for you. You create your own 28 day menu, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day. You can select a one 28 day program or select auto delivery. If you select auto delivery your monthly deliveries will be at a discount. The food is delivered straight to your door in just a few days.

There is no need to count calories, carbohydrates or points. You follow a meal planner that is provided and combine the Nutrisystem® foods with grocery items for a healthy balanced diet. You eat often throughout the day teaching you proper portion controls.

They offer women's, men's, diabetic and vegetarian plans. They also offer a free online community and weight loss trackers.

The system provides a balanced approach to eating and losing weight. The entrées and desserts include low glycemic foods, proteins, fiber, low sodium, low fat, and no trans fats. Each meal is designed for you with a complete weight loss system that is designed for optimum results. You also get to ad grocery items of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy and salads into your plan.

This weight loss system works well because the foods are filled with good carbohydrates and fiber that help you to fill full longer. Because the meals are prepared in minutes, easy-to-follow, and require no counting calories and carbohydrates, makes this system easy and convenient.

Jenny Craigs®

Jenny Craig's® weight loss system is a little more personalized. They take into account your personal eating style, your weight loss goals and how active you are. You speak with someone either in person or over the phone to create your profile. If you meet someone in person, they will also do an initial weigh in that includes taking your measurements.

You receive three meals a day including one snack, which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. This weight loss system also allows you to incorporate grocery store items such as low-fat dairy, healthy fats and whole grains.

There are two ways to receive your foods. You can pick them up at a local center, or have them shipped directly to your door. They offer weight loss systems for men, women, teens, and diabetics.

Your personal consultant will help you develop an exercise program that is tailored to your lifestyle so that it is enjoyable and easy to maintain. Your consultant will also meet with you each week to share your results. This will help motivate you and offer any strategies that may be necessary to help you achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.


Medifast® weight loss systems are designed for women, men, and diabetics. They typically offer meals that are lower in calories than other weight loss plans. This usually results in rapid weight loss.

All meals are individually portioned, low calorie, low fat, and carbohydrate controlled. The Medifast® program was developed by doctors and has clinically proven to be safe and effective for weight loss. You eat six meals a day to keep your metabolism fired up, and to keep you from being a hungry.

Typical weight loss can be 2 to 5 pounds a week with an average cost of about $11 per day. This cost is in line with the other weight loss systems in the market.

As with the other weight loss systems, there is no need to count points, carbohydrates, or calories. They offer over 60 portion controlled meals, including ready to eat bars that are fully fortified for healthy nutrition. You can call or order online, and the meals are delivered to your door.

They also offer a free online community where you can connect with other users for support. You also have the ability to log your meal plans, exercise, measurements, and weight loss. You can create daily reports and customized graphs showing your success. You can also browse recipes, exercise programs, and tips for dining out.

This is three of the most popular weight loss systems on the market today. All three are designed for optimum weight loss. With any weight loss system they key is to stick with it and incorporate an exercise program that will help you to keep the weight off. You must be willing to make lifestyle changes if you really want to achieve permanent long-term results.

It also helps to educate yourself on weight loss foods and proper exercise techniques to help you maintain your weight. Take a moment to fill out the form below and begin educating yourself on fat burning principles and fitness.

Always consult a physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program.

To your health…Dean


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