How To Increase Metabolism

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Learning how to increase metabolism is confusing to most people. If I were to line up 10 random people right now and ask what type of exercise is more efficient at burning fat and increasing metabolism, I can guarantee most of them would all rattle off the same outdated answer.

Most people will talk about spending at least half an hour on some type of home exercise equipment, such as a treadmill or stair climber. Basically, they will be believers in how to increase metabolism is through low to moderate intensity, mundane cardio sessions.

Further, most of them would advise that the more cardio you can do, the better your results will be. They will recommend working out at least 4, if not 5 to 6 days a week.

If all of that sounds oddly familiar, it's because this is the standard party line that has been spouted by the majority of professionals in the fitness industry for many years on how to increase your metabolism for fast weight loss.

I am very glad you are here to finally learn a better way on how to increase metabolism, build muscle and burn fat!

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I'll give the treadmill and stair climber one thing: you will burn some excess calories and quite a few at that if you stick with it a long time.

Are you ready for the startling truth? Working out in this manner could actually work against your body in terms of fat burning! Here's why...

You may already know that long duration, low intensity cardio workouts use your stored body fat to create energy for your workouts. What you may not know is that your body is likely to freak out once this happens and make up for the loss by storing more body fat in reserve just in case you do that working out thing again. Not exactly what you want, right?

In addition, when you workout in this manner on a consistent basis your body becomes extremely efficient at performing those workouts. Sounds great, but once again there's something you don't know.

This actually causes your heart and lungs to reduce their work capacity, since they no longer need to expend as much energy doing those workouts. In time, this reduces your ability to handle stress.

The problem with working safely inside your current aerobic capacity is that you never challenge your body to push harder so it can progress.

Bottom line: any exercise that you find easy will not challenge your body and therefore will not bring results!

The best way to burn fat and increase your overall health is to challenge your body to expand cardiovascular capability. This way, you are better equipped to handle stress.

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How do you do this? Good question!

How To Increase Metabolism – Building Muscle Is Key

Lean muscle mass is the key to increasing your metabolism, burning fat efficiently, and increasing your overall health. You increase and support your lean muscle through consistent resistance training. Period.

Are you searching for life changing results? Do you want progress as quick as possible? Great! All you need to do is increase your body strength and build some muscle. This is the simple yet highly effective method for transforming your body into a fat burning machine.

Assume for the moment that you are eating the adequate amount of calories required to maintain your current weight. Suddenly, you start working out and adding lean muscle mass. Your body is forced to use some of those calories you are eating to develop and support the new muscle. This creates a calorie deficit.

Further, proper, efficient resistant training workouts stimulate your body to repair and continually grow muscle, which forces your body to dip into your stored body fat for the extra energy needed for that process.

When you combine the calorie deficit with the repair and growth process, the result is a fat burning body that literally eats up stored fat all day long nonstop!

Even more important, when you perform resistance training properly, it will increase the ability of your heart and lungs to work efficiently.

I've actually discovered that working out hours at a time is completely unnecessary. You can effectively burn off excess fat, strengthen your muscles, and boost your metabolism tremendously just by working out two or three days a week. These workouts don't even have to be very long. Aim for 20-30 minutes each session to start out with, but once you are advanced they can be even shorter.

Muscles are the fuel of your fat burning furnace! You have my word: this is the best way to increase your metabolism and burn fat!

I hope you have enjoyed learning how to increase metabolism. If you would like to learn more about fat burning, weight loss tips, nutrition and fitness, take a moment to fill out the form below.

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How To Increase Metabolism

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