Green Star Juicer

The Green Star Juicer

  • Twin gear juicer. The gears press the pulp forcing the juice from the fibers.

  • Twin gears turn slowly at approximately 110 RPMs, thereby reducing the oxidation of the juice as compared with centrifugal and masticating juicers.

  • The shelf life of the juice under optimal conditions will keep up to 3 days.

  • The Twin Gear unit maintains the measured enzyme activity at an average of 84%.

  • Juices green leafy vegetables with ease.

The Green Star juicer is as versatile as it is affordable. Its a juicer (fruits, vegetables, wheat grass and herbs), food mill (to make baby food, nut butter, and sorbet), rice cake maker, and pasta maker - all in one machine. (Optional attachments necessary for some functions.)

This model comes with all of the basic juicing and food processing attachments. It includes the fine screen to make juice with minimal pulp, and the homogenizing blank for basic food processing.

All Green Star models also conveniently include a glass juice pitcher, wooden plunger, plastic plunger, and cleaning brush.


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