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Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine Focused on Energetics of Food

Food Supplement

Benefits of Whole Food Supplements

Whole food nutritional supplements are foods that have been compressed into tablet form, poured into capsules or powdered.

The word “whole” indicates that the end product — a supplement — does not contain parts of foods, or synthetic or isolated vitamins.

Ideally, the foods comprising these supplements have not been subjected to irradiation, contain no pesticide or herbacide residues.

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Why? Because of the research that has proved they work.

The clinical studies have PROVEN that they:

  • Help support a healthy immune system
  • Help protect DNA
  • Positively impacts several key indicators of cardiovascular wellness
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Delivers key phytonutrients that are absorbed by the body

The research and has been published in scientific and medical journals, including:

  • The Journal of Nutrition
  • Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
  • Journal of the American College of Nutrition
  • The Journal of the American College of Cardiology
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  • Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Nutrition Research
  • Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Current Therapeutic Research

Whole food nutritional supplements are one step away from fresh foods. Medical Science reminds us every day that good nutrition and good health go hand in hand – especially when it comes to the health benefits of eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Researchers continue to find elements in fruits and vegetables that strengthen our immune systems, impede the development of degenerative diseases like cancer and heart disease, and contribute to good health in many other ways.

Unfortunately, most people don’t eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, especially not every day. Those we do eat tend to be over processed, overcooked, or too far removed from the field, and thus lack much of the nutrition provided by fresh, raw fruits and vegetables.

Convenience of Whole Food Supplements

Now people can increase their intake of raw fruits and vegetables without changing their eating habits, without the hassle of shopping and trying to find foods that may not be in season, without having to taste unfamiliar or unpleasant food and best of all, at an affordable price!

Health food supplements are the next best thing to eating fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. Certainly everyone should be encouraged to eat more raw fruits and vegetables – but we know that most people simply won’t do it.

Whole Food Supplements Are Not Isolated

Whole food nutritional supplements are much more than a vitamin or mineral supplement. Regular vitamins and minerals are isolated nutrients, and they are not always derived from natural sources.

Whole food nutritional supplements are whole food based nutrition, providing not only a wide variety of naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, but also many of the other nutrients – phytochemicals, enzymes, even the fiber – found in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables themselves.

In nature, vitamins and minerals are never isolated. They are always provided in whole foods in combination with all the other nutrients found there, working together in ways science is only beginning to understand.

In her book Biochemistry of Foods and Supplements, Judith DeCava expresses this perfectly: “To isolate or separate a vitamin, mineral, amino acid or other component and call it a nutrient is just as impractical as isolating a steering wheel, battery, or carburetor and calling it an automobile.” It won’t work without the other parts.

There are thousands of phytonutrients in every food. Each one we study is proving to play an important role in human health and vitality. Without them, we lay the foundation for a weak immune system and degenerative disease. A traditional vitamin and mineral supplement cannot begin to scratch the surface of this vast array of nutrition.

For example, research concerning tomatoes indicates that even a few servings per week can reduce the risk of prostrate cancer. It appears that lycopene and other components in this fruit/vegetable can actually decrease tumor size and kill cancer cells. But, if you take lycopene by itself, it's not going to have nearly the positive effect of eating whole tomatoes or taking whole food nutritional supplements made from dried organic tomatoes.

Vitamin and mineral supplements are necessary for specific people with specific needs. Whole food supplements are for everyone. Whole food nutritional supplements are the key to good nutrition, and are simply a way to get the healthful dose of the daily nutrition you need from fresh fruits and vegetables in a convenient form.

Whole Food Nutritional Supplements

Medical evidence is mounting that whole food based nutrition, like that found in whole food nutritional supplements is the key to better health, especially when it comes to helping prevent degenerative diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer. Despite this growing evidence of the value of good, whole food nutrition, people including children are eating more poorly than ever.

Like most breakthrough products, the idea behind whole food supplements is simple. Whole food nutritional supplements contain natural fruit and vegetable juice powders in capsule form. The powders are concentrated from fruit and vegetable juices using a proprietary, low temperature process that leaves as much of the nutrition as possible intact.

Whole food based nutrition is the answer to better health, and whole food supplements with a wide variety of nutrients, including vitamins and antioxidants, phytochemicals and enzymes, minerals and fiber are leading the way.

Supplements That Work

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Things you should consider before you buy a nutritional supplement.

The U.S. government has spent billions trying to find a cure for heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.


Disease is easier to PREVENT than it is to cure.


Eat 7-13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.


Almost no one does.

Whole FOOD SUPPLEMENTS help fill the nutritional gaps.

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