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The top rated carrot juicers are:

Even though most recipes call for carrots, the Champion and the Green Star are able to juice all types of fruits and vegetables as well as grind nuts and seeds for nut butter, breads, and candies.

The Champion uses a grating process and the Green Star uses twin gears to extract the juice from the pulp.

The darker, richer color of juice from the Champion and Green Star juicers indicates a more complete extraction of the nutrients. The typical enzyme retention is 74% - 84%.

Centrifugal Juicers Lose More Nutrients Through Spinning

Centrifugal Juicers use spinning baskets to separate the juice from the pulp. Large amounts of air are pulled through the basket in the juicing process.

This oxidizes the juice very quickly, resulting in a lower amount of enzymes and other nutrients that may be present in the juice. The typical enzyme retention is 32% - 51%.

If your serious about getting the most nutrients from your juicing, it's recommended to consider the Champion or Green Star.

The Champion Juicer vs. The Green Star Juicer

The Champion Juicer

The Champion Juicer is considered a masticating juicer. This juicer grates the vegetables at a slower rate than a centrifugal juicer.

The blade in the Champion turns at approximately 1725 RPMs thereby reducing the oxidation of the juice.

Exposure to air is reduced in the Champion juicer as compared to the centrifugal juicer. The Champion produces quite a bit of foam (another source of oxidation). This juicer is unable to handle green leafy vegetables easily.

The stored juice will retain approximately 75% of the activity of the measured enzymes . The shelf life of the juice made with the Champion juicer is about 72 hours when stored in individual serving size containers, filled to the top so that no oxygen can reach the juice and stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

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The Green Star Juicer

The Green Star juicer is a twin gear juicer. The two gears crush the fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them. These twin gears rotate at approximately 110 RPM’s, which is very slow compared to the other juicers.

When comparing the triturating twin gears of the Green Star with the blade of the Champion, the twin gears cause less oxidation, therefore providing more enzymes in the juice. Exposure to air is greatly reduced and this juicer produces little foam (another source of oxidation).

This juicer also handles green leafy vegetables and cereal grasses extremely efficiently, as well as carrots. Juice from this juicer, under optimal conditions, will keep well for up to 72 hours when stored in individual serving size containers, filled to the top so that no oxygen can reach the juice, and stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator.

The stored juice will retain approximately 85% of the activity of the measured enzymes.

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What are enzymes and why are they important?

Enzymes are the work force of the body. No vitamin, mineral, protein, or hormone can do work without enzymes. They are the labor force that constantly rebuilds the body. There are millions of enzymes working in your body at this very moment.

Every breath you take, every move you make, every thought you think and every action you take requires enzymes. Enzymes are found in all living things including food. Enzymes are what cause a green tomato to ripen and turn red.

Because enzymes play such an important role in our health, it's wise to choose a juicer that retains as much enzyme activity as possible. You can't go wrong with the Champion or the Green Star.

Shopping For A Carrot Juicer

When shopping for a juicer, it’s important to realize all juicers aren’t the same. Not all juicers can be used to grind nuts and seeds. Also, a carrot juicer is usually evaluated on the amount of enzymes that are retained after juicing.

The enzyme activity of the Champion Juicer is maintained at an average of 75% vs. 85% for the Green Star Juicer.

Even though you get an extra 10% enzyme activity, the Green Star Juicer is $203 more than the Champion Juicer and the Green Star Elite Juicer is $283 more. Here is the current price list of the carrot juicers I recommend.

Household Champion Juicer - $227

Commercial Champion Juicer - $250

Green Star Juicer - $430

The Green Star Elite Juicer - $510

Of course, if you have the money to spend, then the Green Star Juicer is the better carrot juicer for the increase in enzyme retention. The Green Star Juicer also juices greens, like spinach and kale, a little easier.

Health Benefits of Juicing

There are many health benefits of carrot juice. In addition to health benefits, juicing carrots gives you the ability to consume 6-8 large carrots in a single serving without having to eat them.

The body building minerals found in fresh vegetable juices have been tagged with the name “The Body Restorers”.

Vitamin packed fruits have been tagged “The Body Cleansers.”

Combining “The Body Restorers” with “The Body Cleansers” as a long term juicing program along with a well balanced diet and exercise can have long lasting positive health consequences.

Because of the carrots nutrition content, juicing carrots is the main source of juice used in the Hallelujah Lifestyle Diet as well as the Gerson Therapy used for cancer.

Testimonials from people on both the Hallelujah Diet and the Gerson Therapy have testified to reversing all types of diseases including some types of cancer.

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Why Juice Carrots and Other Vegetables?

According to DR. H.E. Kirschner in his book “Live Food Juices” the body can only assimilate 1 to 35 percent of the nutrients from eating raw foods, such as carrots. However, by juicing carrots and other vegetables, the body can assimilate up to 92 percent of the nutrients.

The key is predigestion. Our body doesn’t have to expend energy digesting juices. Foods must become liquid before they can be assimilated. When ingesting juice on an empty stomach, the nutrients get to the cellular level within minutes.

In addition, cooking carrots above a certain temperature (and all foods for that matter) kills all the enzymes. Cooking also destroys approximately 83% of all vitamins.

Some studies have shown that cooking certain fruits and vegetables can actually increase the antioxidant power. For example, cooking tomatoes increases the phytochemicals, but decreases the amount of vitamin C.

Unfortunately little research exists on the role of food enzymes and digestion in regard to disease prevention. Because of the lack of research, I rely on the testimonials of the people who have used the Gerson Therapy and the Hallelujah Diet to reverse many different types of illnesses including cancer.

Both the Hallelujah Diet and the Gerson Therapy use carrot juice daily. Depending on the illness the Gerson Therapy uses 4-5 servings a day of fresh carrot/apple juice.

How To Make Carrot Juice

The following mixture of carrots and other fruits and vegetables will make approx. 32 ounces of some great tasting carrot juice:

20-25 carrots, 2 apples, and a head of broccoli or,

20-25 carrots, 1 apple, 4 stalks of celery, and 2 cups of parsley or

20-25 carrots, 1 apple, 2 cucumbers and 2 beets.

I usually use 2/3 carrots and 1/3 other fruits and vegetables and I only use organic fruits and vegetables. I always add an apple with all my carrot recipes.

Raw Foods Are Alive - Cooked Foods Are Dead

To get the maximum amount of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, chlorophyll and purified water, I choose to eat 75% - 85% raw fruits and vegetables daily.

The other 15% - 25% are cooked foods to go along with my daily intake of fresh carrot juice.

Eating this way is very close to The Hallelujah Diet. No animal or dairy products.

I strive to get at least two servings of carrot juice per day. Two servings of carrot juice will take about 12 large carrots. There is no way I could eat 12 large carrots a day.

I also supplement my diet with Barley Grass, Wheatgrass, Juice Plus+, and Vega Performance Protein.

Some people ask me about juicing fruits.

You can juice fruits, but I juice my vegetables and eat my fruit. This way I get a good source of fiber from my fruit. However, I do add an apple to every carrot juice recipe that I make to mimic the Gerson Therapy.

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